Rocky Peak Ridge

September 6, 2016 We arrived at the trailhead around 5:30am and it was still dark out. We got ready quickly and threw on our headlamps to get an early start. We hoped to beat the crowds after our last hike which was super crowded. We saw two other small groups along the way but that … More Rocky Peak Ridge

Mount Marshall

June 25, 2016 Originally, Alex and I had considered attempting to complete the entire MacIntyre range in one day, going from Marshall to Iroquois to Algonquin and finally, to Wright. But I knew that I just didn’t have it in me to attempt. We decided to start climbing and see where the day took us. We … More Mount Marshall

Phelps Mountain

September 19, 2015 Alex and I left the capital region around our usual time of 3:40am, and got to the Loj around 6:20. There were already so many people at the Loj and we really didn’t expect that. Even just driving down the Loj road we saw a bunch of other cars. So we tried … More Phelps Mountain

Giant Mountain

August 22, 2015 We arrived at the Giant via the ridge trail a little before 6am and headed out shortly after. There weren’t any other cars parked for Giant and no one else had signed into the trailhead yet that morning, so we knew we would be the only ones on the trail for a … More Giant Mountain

Allen Mountain

July 25, 2015 We started the day planning to climb the Dix Range, but when we arrived at the trailhead at 5:30am, it was packed. So we re-evaluated. We could have parked about two miles from the trailhead and walked the road, but we really just wanted to get right in the woods. So we … More Allen Mountain

The Beginning (1-12)

Cascade – June 23, 2011 This trip was quite difficult for me. I was not in shape whatsoever, it was my first mountain, let alone my first high peak, and the weather was miserable. Of course I didn’t know enough at the time to really check the weather before committing to a climb.The summit was clouded … More The Beginning (1-12)