The Beginning (1-12)

Cascade – June 23, 2011
263072_1984058716059_2818923_nThis trip was quite difficult for me. I was not in shape whatsoever, it was my first mountain, let alone my first high peak, and the weather was miserable. Of course I didn’t know enough at the time to really check the weather before committing to a climb.270727_1984060556105_1998221_nThe summit was clouded in and I was miserable. I swore up and down that I would never climb a mountain again. And yet! 1/46

Tabletop – February 25, 2012427586_2994881265991_1706866029_nI remember this day being very cold. As my first winter trip, I can say that I was only slightly excited to begin with, and less so once we got going. I had never used snowshoes before either – making the trip difficult although I was in much better shape than the previous trip up Cascade!422746_2994899026435_1238900098_nI was very happy to reach the summit of Tabletop! We broke trail the entire way up the trail – until a couple of other hikers snuck up behind us and offered to lead the way for a bit. Little did we know, we were only 5 minutes from the summit! Being afraid of falling, I had a hard time trusting the snowshoes on the way down. But I made it!
424953_2994908346668_1544984845_nYou can just tell I was ready to get the hell out of there. 2/46

Gothics, Armstrong, and Upper Wolfjaw – May 21, 2012546042_3492298541112_1232469260_n543724_3492308821369_1248555422_n481162_3492339022124_187241524_nThe view from Gothics is still one of my favorites. This was the first time I ever got a view from the top of a mountain, and it made me realize how truly beautiful and amazing the Adirondacks are. After seeing it all, I was excited to get to Armstrong and Upper Wolfjaw!
150763_3492353022474_6619501_nAnother great view from Armstrong! I vaguely remember the col between Gothics and Armstrong being quite difficult, but you can’t tell from the above picture!479708_3492362222704_1627428299_n5/46

Lower Wolfjaw – July 6, 2012255383_3711797148440_970148095_n 409671_3711807308694_1334235682_nA summit in the woods. After the previous trip, I was excited to get another great view. Upon reaching the summit, I was a little disappointed. But I was glad to reach the top of another high peak! 6/46

Sawteeth – May 31, 20138449_10200375490884796_701110909_n2013-05-31 12.56.017/46

Saddleback and Basin – June 14, 20131904118_10154740780090565_1173271721241826661_n10672050_10154740786345565_5657383075914809055_nI barely remember this hike. I think I have tried to erase it from my memory. What I do remember was trying to climb down the treacherous cliffs on Saddleback to reach Basin. My fear of heights really kicked in on this hike.10698509_10154740787375565_5376231335910999847_n10440998_10154740790940565_2225986198447782433_nDespite the fear (and tears), I made it to the summit of Basin! I think I’d like to try these two again – but by doing Basin first. I’m sure it’s actually a great day trip! 9/46

Colvin and Blake – June 22, 20142014-06-22 09.47.20

2014-06-22 13.34.11-111/46

Porter – October 10, 20142014-10-10 10.49.35-1Being early October, I expected to be chilly on the top of Porter. But I didn’t expect snow! Saw the first snow flakes of the season on top of Porter and I was actually extremely excited about it! We climbed Cascade as well, but there still wasn’t too much a view. 12/46

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